4 Symbols Slot Review, RTP 95.50% (GameArt)

    Are you searching for the 4 Symbols slot review? It is a Chinese-themed game, but it’s not simply about the culture of the country; it also strives to tell a unique story. 

    The visuals exhibited inside will focus on dragons, white tigers, Vermillion birds, and turtles, as indicated in the Chinese constellations.

    Summary of 4 Symbols Slot Review

    They came up with a 5-reel layout and added 25 fixed lines to each of them, allowing for $1,000-paying combinations. The game’s features are based on the wild symbol, scatters, and free spins, which are all played on 4 sets of reels at the same time.

    1. Betting Options

    Because the game requires you to cover 25 active lines, you’ll be able to do so with line bets starting at $0.01 and up to a maximum of $0.50. That way, you can spend anywhere from $0.25 to $12.50 every spin, which isn’t excessively costly for a slot machine.

    When it comes to the game’s individual high-paying wins, the best one that will come on a single line will be worth $1,000. Because you can form such wins on numerous lines, the total amount you can win from a single spin can be much bigger.

    2. Slot Features

    The symbol that combines the Sun and the Moon into a single image will play a special role in 4 Symbols. It’s labeled as the Wild, and you can use it to replace any other symbol in order to build combinations. It won’t be able to replace a Yin Yang scatter, but the slot’s other 10 symbols will be able to benefit from it.

    Now, if you glance at the Yin Yang symbol, you will gain access to certain features, as well as a little prize of 2x total stake if at least three such symbols appear.

    The free spins are especially appealing in 4 Symbols because the gaming area is divided into four halves when that feature is activated. Each zone will have its own set of five reels that will all spin simultaneously. The four sets are linked to the Chinese sky’s four high-paying symbols and creatures. 

    For each of the four sets of reels, you earn four free spins to begin with. Each round is added to that set of reels after a winning spin with the proper beast. There is a special prize for the free spins that is worth 200x the bet, but it must be triggered by winnings on all four sets of reels at the same time.

    3. Game Design and Theme

    As previously said, the game focuses on four famous beasts from Chinese folklore and astrology. There’s the Dragon, the Turtle, the White Tiger, and the Vermillion Bird, to name a few. 

    These four symbols appear in the four high-paying places, with the Sun/Moon and Yin Yang symbols serving as features, and six playing cards serving as low-paying positions.

    Overall, this game has a fun look to it, and the animals are a big part of that. However, the most of the symbols you’ll see will be from playing cards, which isn’t that exciting.

    Final Conclusion

    In the end of this slot gacor results of 4 Symbols slot review, it is one of GameArt’s Chinese-themed games, and it is a product that manages to offer unique features while being average in other areas.

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