Eagle Dollar Slot Demo Machine Review (Ainsworth)

    Like a walk in the Canadian woods, Eagle Dollar slot demo from Ainsworth software offers you a natural experience enhanced by the firs, pines, spruces, and wild animals that you will find in the game grid. wolf, buffalo, stones, the eagle which also serves as Wild, eagle eggs, and the dollar symbol as Scatter. The slot machine is made up of a grid of 5 reels crossed by 3 rows with 20 paylines. You have the possibility of winning a jackpot which is equivalent to 2,500 times the initial bet and benefiting from Wilds, the Ferris wheel and numerous bonuses to be won.

    Walk Through The Ecosystem of Canadian Forests

    In Canada, nature also has an identity, and this is what the developers of Ainsworth want us to understand in the present. When opening the slot machine, like our expert reviewers at tcagencies said, you will quickly notice the humid and hot climate characteristic of this region of the world. Behind the game board, you can see natural clues such as fir trees, which are known for their resistance to the cold coming from the ice caps of the North Pole which is not far away.

    You will find the inhabitants of this living environment in the game grid. These include bison, eagle eggs, wolves, and stones. If there are eagle eggs, it’s probably because the Wild is represented by an eagle. The dollar symbol is the pretext for the Scatter. Of course, in addition to all these value symbols, there is the classic straight from the 9 to the A card.

    This family of symbols is therefore contained in a metal frame, where the comfortably mounted columns accommodate them. In addition to the boxes indicating the amount of the jackpots, there is a Wheel of Fortune located to the right of the game grid. It rotates with a quantified amount and bonus, a sign that you can win big by exploiting the opportunities of the second part .

    Try To Win 2,500 Times Your Bet in Eagle Dollar Slot Demo

    eagle dollar slot demo

    Eagle Dollar slot demo is therefore a Canadian slot machine that claims the territory of this heterogeneous people and this authentic nature. It offers an array of 5 reels split by 3 rows with 20 paylines. To play it, you must prepare an amount between 1 and 50 euros per spin. The maximum win potential is set at 2,500 times the initial bet.

    To realize this potential, you can then tap into the famous Wheel of Fortune. To spin this wheel, align the Dollar King symbol on reel 1 and reel 5. Similarly, you can spin it by pooling this symbol with a multiplier. If this multiplier is on reel 5, all the values contained in this reel and in the wheel will be multiplied by 2, 3, 4, 5 points. In the wheel of fortune, you can generate income, bonuses, super bonuses, and powerful jackpots.

    If you a natural themed slot games, then you might want to try Hokkaido Wolf slot, which offers pretty much the same thrilling features and gameplay.


    “The Wild” is a symbol in a game or slot machine that can be incredibly beneficial for players. When this symbol appears, it can substitute for any other symbol that is needed to complete a winning combination. In the case of this specific game, the Wild symbol is represented by an eagle, which can replace the “intruder” symbol to validate a winning combination and the corresponding payout.

    Thanks to the Wild Eagle symbol, players have the opportunity to increase their winnings by up to 50 times their original bet. This can be a very lucrative feature of the game, as it can significantly increase a player’s chances of hitting a winning combination and earning a big payout. Overall, the Wild Eagle is an excellent opportunity for players to boost their earnings and enjoy a more exciting and rewarding gaming experience.

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