Gambling Can Destroy Everything

    Gambling is a game that uses a betting system when played. The stake is treasure or money. Gambling can destroy everything from the possessions you have to your family life will also fall apart. Many people who have a lot of debt just because they gamble too long.

    Gambling has existed in Indonesia for a long time, in ancient times gambling was mostly played by nobles, kings and ordinary people. It continues to mushroom and more and more perpetrators to this day.

    Gambling itself seems to never disappear from Indonesia. This is because there are still many people who have a backward mindset or are still like people in ancient times.

    They think that by gambling they can easily get income and wealth.

    This is of course a big mistake, gambling itself will not give you wealth but gambling can destroy everything quickly, namely by giving you defeat in a very large nominal amount so that your assets run out slowly until nothing is left.

    Many people also have lost their future because of gambling. Many have lost their jobs. The job was lost in the blink of an eye due to addiction to gambling.

    People who are addicted to gambling will be very difficult to wake up or told to stop. The reason is that they only have a desire to gamble and ultimately make their productivity at work decrease.

    This is one of the factors that cause a person to easily lose his job, then the next effect can have an impact on family relationships that are not harmonious.

    Those who are married if they experience defeat in gambling will come home angry and do not even hesitate to blame others.


    Gambling can destroy everything whether your economy, your time, also your family, and many more including health. Gambling can also have a negative effect on health, especially on mental health.

    Gambling can cause depression for gamblers because someone who has experienced too many defeats due to being too addicted to gambling will often become stressed.

    They seemed to be depressed after all the treasures they had disappeared slowly.

    Of course, this should be avoided by everyone, because there are still many bad effects that can be presented from gambling that will not run out if discussed one by one. Gambling is a criminal act that violates the law

    Because the government has officially banned the circulation of gambling in Indonesia, the efforts made by the government can be said to have been very large, starting from making arrests for gamblers, both players and dealers.

    Even the government has also officially issued a law on the prohibition of gambling and will punish or take firm action against anyone who still gambles.

    For your information, there are many kinds of gambling that are circulating among the public today, ranging from offline gambling to online gambling.

    Some types of online gambling that are trending include online domino gambling, online poker gambling, slot online, and so on. Visit site for more.

    After knowing the bad effects above that gambling can destroy everything is not a lie, our advice, avoid and stay away from gambling right now. Gambling is not as sweet as the advertisements you see, but it destroys your life.

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