House of Doom Slot Demo – Fun & Rave Reviews!

    The House of Doom slot demo, which was released in March 2018, transports you to the world of gambling in the middle of a haunted home. In this game, you will experience an extraordinary journey set to the beat of heavy metal music.

    Description of House of Doom Slot Demo

    The House of Doom slot machine, which is framed by a mound of bones, was created to elicit excitement. You’ll need to control a sorceress and her crystal ball, a skull with a flaming horn, and other symbols. A pentacle, a chained crucifix, a ram’s skull, and a few packs of cards are also present. The latter’s key numbers are the 10, the J, the Q, the K, and the A.


    With each new game, a bell tower will sound a warning before the reels begin to spin and are accompanied by frightful breaths. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see that there are 5 slots and 10 paylines.


    In the House of Doom slot machine, there are 12 emblems total, of which 5 are weak. These are the playing cards, which run from 10 to Ace. The existence of a pentagram adds four powerful symbols to it. To completely comprehend the House of Doom game’s concept, it is sufficient to have a vague understanding of three crucial symbols.

    The fortune-teller stands in for the Wild: The highlighted reel will change with each fresh throw. The full column will be covered by the Wild if it appears on this reel.

    When the skull and crossbones sign appears on the reels 2, 3, and 4, the bonus is activated. These images can occasionally be seen on the screen as well. Simply make wise choices from among them to receive a bonus payout or free plays.

    According to our expert at, To receive 10 free plays with the House of Doom symbol, you must obtain 3 of them. Several reels will turn into highlights during your free plays. As soon as a Wild symbol shows on one of these reels, it will expand.

    House of Doom Slot Demo Volatility and RTP

    house of doom slot demo

    The return rate for the House of Doom slot, which reaches 96.11%, is a game with significant volatility. Particularly considering that the bet ranges from €0.1 to €100, enabling players to place whatever wagers they want. If you like this kind of game, I think you’ll be thrilled by my next recommendation. I suggest you to try the Triple Jokers slot, if you haven’t already. This game has all the features and bonuses that pretty much the same as the House of Doom. Go try it.


    An accumulation of bones frames the House of Doom slot demo, which was designed to inspire exhilaration. A witch and her crystal ball, a skull with a blazing horn, and other symbols will be under your authority. There are also a few packs of cards, a ram’s skull, a chained crucifix, and a pentacle. The 10, J, Q, K, and A are the latter’s most important numbers.

    You will be alerted by a bell tower prior to each new game’s terrifying breath-accompanied reel whirling. You’ll notice that there are 5 slots and 10 paylines after that.

    There are a total of 12 emblems on the House of Doom slot, of which 5 are weak. The game cards are numbered from 10 to Ace. When a pentagram is present, it gains four more potent emblems. It suffices to have a basic grasp of three key symbols in order to fully understand the House of Doom slot demo’s game concept.

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