Illogicool slot is one of the most fascinating new slots games to be offered for the online gambling market in early 2022. Why? Scroll down this Illogicool slot review to find out more.

    Players look forward to the start of the year as they wait for software developers to release innovative new slot games. A new year brings new releases from our favourite developers who use cutting-edge igaming technologies.

    ELK Studios, a Swedish game firm with remarkable mathematical models and a concentration on quality over quantity, created the game. Since 2013, this precise games developer has been releasing high-quality games with an artistic focus, utilizing the most cutting-edge software technology to always leave their audience in wonder.

    Illogicool slot machine is expected to be published at the beginning of February, so in the coming weeks, players may strap in and get ready for lift-off as this new online slot transports us to the chilly planes of outer space. In this new slot game, futuristic animations light up the screen, setting the atmosphere for the immensity of space and the unlimited opportunities to win.


    ELK Studios used their unique mathematical methods to produce a slot with a relatively high volatility model for one of the first fresh new games in 2022. The new game’s RTP is 95%, making the chance of winning rather appealing.

    The new ELK slot offers a fairly simple gameplay panel of 6 reels to 6 rows, with the top reel working as the ‘Cool Reel,’ which has specific capabilities to match symbols. Illogicool has created a stunning 46,656 distinct ways to win by combining the new games’ beautifully animated space-themed symbols.

    An average stake on Illogicool ranges from 20p to £100 per spin, but because this is still a relatively new slot game and has not yet been released on major platforms for public access, new players will certainly fall in love with the new slot and may urge some significant deposits to be made.


    The stunning space motif pulls your attention to the new game’s unique and gorgeous absurdity. Illogicool online slot game is an amazing game graphically, thanks to the gaming studio’s attention to detail in software creation. Everything about this game fits our vision of a cool and well-made new slot game.

    The symbols used in the game range from low-value letters that are illuminated in a neon glow akin to that of a spaceship’s dashboard. Letters will suffice. Stake multipliers of 3x The retro-style ray guns, computers, and spaceships are worth between.6x and 1.2x the stake, while the spaceship men and ladies are worth 1.5x or 2x the investment.

    There are three varieties of wilds in the game: standard wilds, monster wilds, and locked wilds.


    With an RTP of 95%, the Illogicool slot game puts players in a strong position to play smart at this new slot and enjoy it for the high variance and entertaining slot game that it is for your chance of a huge win. The numerous multipliers and wilds, paired with a huge stake size, provide plenty of opportunities for players to win big if they play with a little luck on their side.

    The maximum win total can be hit at a jaw-dropping 10,000x multiplier with a little luck and strategic play.


    There are wonderful elements throughout the game, such as cascading reels that drop from the new Cool Reel function and allow for more combinations to be formed.

    Troubles are a new in-game element that alters the value of the symbols beneath as they pass through the Cool Reel. Sticky Difficulties multiply and spread — troubles are easily identified as active furry bundles of mischief. They become super bonus symbols when they overlap.

    Feature symbols are not dropped from the Cool Reel; instead, they can be activated from any position on the reel. Standard wilds function normally in any other slot, but locked wilds remain locked until the wins are displayed on the screen. Monster wilds are active on non-Cool rows and expand and cover non-winning symbols in their row.

    In-game bonuses, such as a 3 to 6 bonus, will return a bonus of 10, 15, 20, or 25 free dops. During the bonus round, super bonuses trigger additional win multipliers and new symbols.

    The X-iter list includes a variety of incentives that players with a little more cash can purchase to improve their chances in the following round. Players have the option of purchasing a Bonus, a Super Bonus, Troubles, Locked Wilds, or a Guaranteed win.


    Casinos that host Illogicool slot machine will enable a variety of payment systems, giving players a choice in their preferred deposit and withdrawal methods. Paypal, on the other hand, looks to be the favoured option for this game, as it provides for seamless and instant transactions between the casino and your e-wallet.


    Overall, this is a simple yet effective new slot game for ELK that is clean-cut, modern, and easy to play. The well-thought-out design and animations make the gameplay enjoyable, and the effortless flow of cascading reels maintains a good pace that keeps the player involved and active. Illogiocool’s new appearance and engaging style make it a pleasant and approachable game.

    It’s difficult to criticize Illogicool because this novel and the interesting game deliver it all to the table in its own distinctive package without overloading the player. Furthermore, the game’s basic gameplay mixed with the fantastic in-game features means that players of all skill levels have the opportunity to attain high multipliers and depart with full wallets. The unique acts of the ‘Troubles,’ which are a fun and exciting addition, strengthen this fantastic winning possibility.

    We adore the quirky and unique scenario of this new game and are yet again delighted by ELK Studios and their newest release for 2022. Thank you for reading this Illogicool slot review. Good luck and play responsibly!

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