4 Important Things Before You Play Kings of Chicago Slot Demo

    If you enjoy playing video slots as well as poker, you’ll enjoy this NetEnt slot. That’s because, with the Kings of Chicago slot demo, NetEnt’s gaming wizards have managed to combine the two games into one. 

    That’s right, it’s neither a slot machine nor a game of poker; it’s the best of both worlds. Because the reels are on a poker table, you’ll need winning poker hands to win the big prizes when you spin them.

    This unique casino game features three rows of five cards and five paylines, with 15 cards dealt each time the game is played. 

    The cards are divided into black spades, blue diamonds, red hearts, and green clubs, with the goal of forming poker hands like ‘three of a kind’ or a ‘royal flush’ rather than matching them up. 

    Don’t worry if you have no prior experience with poker; you’ll pick it up quickly, and the combinations are highlighted on the game’s interface, so you’ll begin to understand the game as you play. 

    The payouts are crystal clear and straightforward thanks to the slot’s simple layout. They’re also common, and they’re impressive. What more could you possibly want?.

    Kings of Chicago Slot Demo about The Theme

    Kings of Chicago is one of NetEnt’s retro slots, with a Dick Tracy-themed theme. Consider the other side of Chicago, the city’s South Side, where Al Capone and the rest of the Sicilian gangsters operating in the 1920s were based.

    The game is played on a traditional poker table, where the player will find not only poker chips, but also cash, cigars, scotch glasses, and even a revolver, all of which contribute to the gangster poker image. 

    There are several mob characters on the cards, as well as a wild Joker and scatter symbols that activate the Free Deals feature. 

    When the Joker appears on the reels, it acts as a 2x multiplier. The Queen is represented by glamorous women from the 1920s, while the Kings and Jacks are men in suits and fedora hats.

    The Graphics and Sounds

    The graphics in this game are excellent, particularly the cards that appear on the reels, and the concept is both unique and exciting. The cool-looking poker table with all the items you’d expect to find in a casino during prohibition in the 1920s has already been mentioned. 

    The animations are also fantastic, and the background noises are exactly what you’d expect to hear in a casino: people conversing and poker cards being shuffled and dealt.

    Kings of Chicago takes you back to the good old days when people used to go to the casino at a time when most online slot machines look state-of-the-art. 

    This slot will appeal to gamblers who enjoy a bit of nostalgia and fondly recall the good old days, while younger players who are unfamiliar with poker will quickly fall in love with this unique game.

    The Layout and Betting

    On the interface of the slot, there are five different paylines. While this may appear to be a small number, it is actually ideal for this game. NetEnt has set the paylines, but you can adjust the amount you wager on each round. 

    You can do this by changing the coin’s value, which ranges from $0.01 to $1 per line. You can also change the size of your bet from 1 to 10, with the maximum wager becoming $50, which is a great amount for high rollers. By clicking on Max Bet, you can automatically bet the maximum amount.

    The Bonus Symbols and Features

    The cards include traditional poker symbols such as green clubs, black spades, blue diamonds, and red hearts, in addition to the symbols of the mob men and women, fedoras, and other mafia-related items that appear on the cards themselves. The Joker and scatter symbols are the two main features in this slot, both of which award free deals to the player.

    Then, that is a brief review of Kings of Chicago slot demo. Now, you can play the game happily!. This slot game is available on most casino sites today, including asian server casino sites. You can easily find good casino sites to play this slot game using keywords such as daftar situs judi slot online terpercaya, trusted casino sites etc.

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