What is Sonya Blackjack

    Sonya Blackjack is the popular online blackjack released by Yggdrasil. This is a slot game that stands out from the crowd with its interactive gameplay. Players can sit at the same table to compete against the random number generator, as well as the other participants. Sonya is a charming virtual dealer who keeps the game running smoothly.

    It is the first game in the table games series from Yggdrasil with a 3D casino environment and virtual dealers. The game caters to slot lovers and at the same time gives the impression of a live casino. You can find this game in many online casinos such as MPOAPI and Bovada.

    Sonya Blackjack: Images and Theme

    Sonya Blackjack has many similarities with the classic one in terms of visuals of online blackjack games that are played with real dealers. Those who sit down at the virtual blackjack table will notice the familiar layout. Anyone who has played blackjack before will quickly get a sense of the game mechanics and enjoy it right from the start.

    The images are top-notch and can be customized. For example, Sonya can have red hair, but you can also choose a strongly bearded Viking as a host. All moves are made using motion capture from real live casino dealers.

    How to Play Sonya Blackjack

    Many players prefer live dealer versions of their favorite table games and Sonya Blackjack likes to cater to that. This is not a live dealer game, but a blackjack game in the form of a slot machine. To get close to the live feel, meet Sonya, the game’s friendly dealer. It uses an RNG, but because of the beautiful visuals and the gameplay, you still get a bit of the live casino feeling.

    Like other online casinos, this game also requires you to have a good online casino strategy if you want to win or play longer with your available bankroll. Make sure you have that before playing this game. Also, beware of other professional players, like in casino sports betting. They can team up with other amateur players to trick you into thinking that you play with amateur players.

    Sonya Blackjack is played according to the standard rules of classic American blackjack. It is played with six decks of cards and the cards are shuffled before each round. You win if you can make a hand that is close to 21 and higher than the dealer without going over 21.

    In addition, to hitting and standing, players can also split and double their hands or double down. If you choose to double down, you can double your bet and draw one more card. Splitting is only possible if you have two of the same cards. Sonya Blackjack does not have a bonus scheme or progressive jackpot. 

    Perfect Pairs and 21+3

    There are two side bets, namely perfect pairs and 21+3. Only three players can play at one table, but the number of tables is not limited as it is an RNG-powered game. If all seats are occupied, you will have to wait. There is no Bet Behind feature. You can only occupy one seat at a time and the other real players take the other two seats.

    Once you are seated at the table, you can place your bet. Then Sonya deals two cards to all participants and two to herself. She checks for blackjack before you can resume the round. Then you can look at your cards and decide whether you want to draw another card or not. 

    Make sure that your point total never exceeds 21, because then you automatically lose. The same goes for the dealer. If neither side busts, whoever is closer to 21 wins. Drawing exactly 21 with your first two cards will result in a blackjack win. Join doaqq to get many benefits.

    Sonya Blackjack: Side Bets

    Sonya Blackjack gives you the option to place two side bets: perfect pairs and 21+3. At 21+3, you must create the best possible three-card poker hand using your two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. The highest payout for this side bet is 100:1. If you’re going for perfect pairs, you need to find the best pair. A pair of matching values ​​and suits will give you a payout of 25:1.

    Betting Limits and Payouts

    You can bet between 1 and 1,500 euros in each round of Sonya Blackjack. This pretty much matches the same standard sum of amount that you can bet in betting games like sports betting, dozens betting, etc. You are limited to a maximum of 500 euros on the main bet and two side bets.

    Standard wins will give you a 1:1 payout, a blackjack win will give you a 3:2 payout. A successful insurance bet yields a payout of 2:1. This payout is actually the same as another online casino betting if you win.

    The RTP of the main game is 99.54% and with the insurance bet, it drops to 92.86.

    Sonya Blackjack Verdict

    Yggdrasil has done a good job of pouring every element of a real casino experience into an online slot. Sonya performs all the moves that you also see at a real live dealer. She also makes eye contact and awaits your decision.

    Sonya Blackjack is the perfect slot for players who love blackjack. The virtual dealer gives you a bit of a live feeling and you actually play with the other players at the table. For players who want to play multiplayer games without entering the live casino right away, Sonya Blackjack is an excellent option.

    Need some advice on playing online casino slots? Read our online slot guides to help improve your game.

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