What is Slot Volatility?: 4 Things You Must Know

    Hm, you may wonder what is slot volatility while you are playing the games, don’t you? Simply put, the frequency of winnings correlates with the volatility of an online slot machine. Volatility is a factor that many players overlook. 

    Even so, in terms of winnings or losses on virtual slots, it is one of the most important aspects of the game.

    What is Slot Volatility Actually?

    In reality, every slot machine available online (as well as in physical casinos) has its own volatility rate configuration. 

    It is this one that will primarily determine the frequency and size of the sums that the player will receive (aside from luck and chance, of course). 

    To put it another way, the game’s level of volatility allows the bettor to win several small winnings, but much more frequently, to pocket a large sum in a single shot or to obtain average winnings at average intervals.

    The Volatility Various Level

    The various levels of volatility in online slots are divided into three categories.

    1. The High Volatility

    In online casino games, high volatility slots are the ones that provide the most adrenaline and excitement. This level of volatility effectively allows you to play a dozen times without earning anything, and it is certain to turn you into a goat. 

    A word of advice: don’t let go of the situation because you might get a large sum of money that will completely change your life. 

    You will be able to put your skills to the test with Netent (Dead or Alive and Kings of Chicago) and NextGen slots (300 Shields). Try Gonzo’s Quest, Merlin’s Millions, or Creature From the Black Lagoon as alternatives.

    2. The Medium Volatility

    The medium volatility rate is the most popular among slot machine publishers, and it’s especially popular in the French virtual casino market. With this level of volatility, you will frequently earn small amounts. 

    The gaming sessions are, admittedly, much longer, but the winnings are guaranteed. Medium-volatility slots are designed for players who simply want to have fun while playing without risking too much money. 

    If you’re one of them, you’ll be able to play Netent (Dracula) and Microgaming slots, for example (Doctor Love).

    3. The Low Volatility

    Low volatility slots allow you to play for longer periods of time without winning big, but also without losing a lot of money. As a result, small gains are frequently compensated for by this type of volatility. 

    It’s ideal for players who stick to their online casino agreements, wagering requirements, and other reload bonuses. 

    Launch online slots like Disco Spins, Immortal Romance, Megadeth, and South Park if you want to give it a shot. You can also play Play’N GO’s Rage to Riches or Yggdrasil’s Jungle Books and Ozwins Jackpot.

    How to Calculate The Volatility?

    In contrast to the redistribution rate, game developers rarely disclose the level of volatility of online slots. If the information is not readily available, consult the table of payments and carefully read the contents of the table. 

    When you get to the bottom of the page, you’ll notice that high-volatility slots have winnings of more than 10,000 coins for the game’s most valuable icons. 

    Low-volatility slots, on the other hand, never pay out more than 5,000 coins, regardless of the winning symbols. The maximum gain on medium volatility slots is between 5,000 and 10,000 coins.

    Which Is The Best Volatility?

    Are you hesitating between a slot machine with high and low volatility? Check your budget first, then your player profile. If you think that the games that offer more thrills and jackpot are the most exciting, then go for the high volatility slots. 

    Be careful though, because this volatility categorization requires a certain amount of money and, of course, big risks. If all these conditions suit you, the very volatile slot machines are for you. They allow you to touch a bigger prize in one shot.

    You just want to have fun, but without losing too much money? Choose low volatility slots. These don’t require you to take big risks, and they will save you from spending too much money on an online slot machine.

    Today, most of online casinos such as offer online slot games with various volatility you can play. Just find one that you want to play.

    In the end, you already know what is slot volatility. Now, which one of the games that make you interested to try?. 

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