Yokozuna Battle Slot Demo Review: Theme, RTP, volatility, and Bonus Rounds 

    The Yokozuna Battle Slot demo was unveiled on August 9, 2019, by Yggdrasil, one of the best video game developers. You can read more about the features and discover more information about the earnings potential in this piece.

    Additionally, the website contains helpful details about the slot’s features and the casinos where you can play it. We might say in the future that this slot is magnificent and exciting and merits your attention.

    Theme for Yokozuna Battle Slots

    The main spectators in Yokozuna Clash are sumo wrestlers Riku and Haru, but there is also an interactive playing area with fans. Despite being right in front of the drum, they engage in an unusual form of competition. Because they fight to give you the best bonus and, eventually, the best victory, you choose the winner.

    This slot machine is a fantastic illustration of Yggdrasil Gaming’s superior visuals. Along with the wonderful design and images, you can relate to the soundtrack. An atmospheric soundtrack featuring percussion instruments plays in the background, and sound effects during spins and bonus rounds enhance rather than overpower the background music.

    The symbols are created in an Asian aesthetic, just like the game. Regular symbols may give out little or a lot of money. Four suites are used to arrange the low-value symbols. The snake, dragon, tiger, and phoenix are high reward emblems that are highly revered in Japanese culture. 

    Additionally, the slot machine has unique symbols that can activate bonus features and increase payouts. The Free Spins symbol that starts the extra round is the Scatter. 

    RTP And Volatility Of Yokozuna Battle

    Yokozuna Battle Slot

    This slot’s RTP is 96.3%, and its variance is moderate.

    The combination of this slot’s 96.3% RTP and low variance makes it perfect for players who don’t want to win the most money and don’t like lengthy games. Low volatility suggests regular, modest wins.

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    The Bonus Rounds & Free Spins in Yokozuna Conflict

    Sumo Brawl Highlights

    The slot machine has a chance to activate this feature at any moment. Each sumo wrestler has unique tactics that they can use in the course of a typical match in the form of bonuses. Up to two Wild symbols may be placed by Riku on the three center reels. Haru has the capacity to multiply by 2x and 3x.

    Competition Complimentary Spins

    Get ready for an epic fight as the real conflict is about to start after two Scatter symbols on the first and fifth reels activated this bonus round.

    Once the contest starts, Riku or Haru will become your character right away.

    You’ll be up against Daisuke or O’Conner in the opening round, both of whom have unique strategies. O’Conner uses ratios of 2x–4x, while Daisuke can add 1-3 Wilds. In order to move on to the championships and compete against a stronger opponent, your goal is to defeat your opponent. The game is over if you lose in the opening round.

    In the final round, you must compete against Yokozuna, who can add both Wilds and 2x–4x bonuses. Even though it will be more challenging, defeating him is still very likely.

    It is important to emphasize that you will always win. Your earnings will be doubled if you win the championship; otherwise, you will just get your prize.

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    Playing the Yokozuna Battle Slot

    Before beginning the game, you can read through this guide:

    • begin spinning the slots.
    • All pertinent information is contained in the “+” symbol.
    • By selecting the I icon, you can examine the payouts and added features.
    • Boost or lower the level.
    • Decide on the coin amount and the starting bet.
    • By pressing the center button, you can start the game.

    A 5-reel, 3-row video slot with 243 paylines in both ways is called Yokozuna Clash. The lowest and maximum wagers are each €0.1 and €125. The possible winnings increase with stake size, and incentives will help increase it.

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    Yokozuna Battle Slots Demo

    You should familiarize yourself with the impressive extra features that this slot machine provides. By downloading the trial edition, you can do this for nothing. Without risking your money, you can also observe the competition between skilled sumo wrestlers.

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